Top 10 Businesses That Will Boom Post-Covid 19
Date: May 15, 2020
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About four months ago we heard of a mysterious virus that was producing pneumonia-like symptoms and today, much of the earth as we know it has come to a standstill. More than 4 billion people around the world are in a certain form of lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown will be finished one day and time will come to rejoin our job, but given the nature of the pandemic, everything is about to change. It seems that we are slowly moving towards a gradual removal of the lockdown for some sectors of the economy. The biggest challenge businesses will confront will be restarting their operations. Here, is the list of Top 10 businesses that will boom post-Covid 19:

Online Coaching

Educational organizations around the world are compelled to shut down and shift to online coaching classes. This crisis has definitely initiated online growth for the education industry. According to the stats, education app downloads spiked in March 2020, rising nearly 300%. While it is assisting to manage with the current emergency, it is also preparing the world for the next future. It is an excellent idea to create your trusted platform for learning.

Data Science – IOT – AI – ML

We might see some changes in the data science landscape after the crisis is over, and we must be ready for that. With 5G adoptions gradually growing, there will be more exciting initiatives that arise in the part of convergence between 5G, IoT, and AI. The fields of big data, IoT and AI will remain to fuse, and where enhanced AI chips and 5G will enable astonishing innovations. There are many data science websites that are providing online data science classes for free.

Digital products

Now-a-days the Digital Products are highly admired for branding of companies. However, the selling of physical products is tedious and time-consuming being having difficulties as includes inventory, shipping, warehouses etc. Therefore, digital eCommerce business has developed as one of the ever-increasing medium to create better connections and establish relationships with customers. The demands of digital products are increasing every day, sell digital products to boost the revenue and keep in touch with the real audiences.

GIG Economy (Uber – fiver – upwork)

At the first beginning of the gig economy, it was hailed as the future of work – where we can select jobs freely, devoting as much time as we want into whatever we want. The growth of the Gig Economy has been catapulted by the development of two-sided marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, Axiom, etc. In a digital world, technology innovations have led to the demand for reskilling the remaining workforce at a faster pace than ever before, which can mean huge charges and time investments for the businesses.

Stock market investing

Many people do not have much compassion for the stock market; they associate it with greed and speculation. Yet the stock market can be a great tool for society. The stock price reactions advise that broad actions, including fiscal policy interventions, are essential to avoid further negative results and propagations of the COVID-19 shock. The crystal ball of the market predicts a different economic landscape than the one we have gotten used to.


Insurance as a primary ingredient in a complete and well-rounded financial portfolio is going to be the most instant demand of a post-Covid developing world. During the pandemic, service providers are receiving several queries regarding coronavirus insurance coverage and whether their usual health plans cover coronavirus. Post Covid-19, insurance companies will definitely see a growth in digital penetration as the customer’s faith in digital platforms has amplified manifold during this lockdown period.

E Commerce

Entrepreneurs must be innovative to secure the future of their company, assist their customers, and keep supply chains intact. Buyers have entirely changed priorities in what they buy, what they stock, and what purchases they de-prioritize. The panelists believe that shifting into grocery, PPE, etc., is a temporary pivot, and long-term focus should remain on delivering the essential offering of your business and find the way to adapt and make it work in a post-COVID19 world.


Affiliate marketing industry has turned upside down due to COVID-19. A recent article by Forbes reported that sales have increased in industries like health, supplements, medical supplies, and oxygen related equipment. On the other hand, once-hot offers like gym memberships and certain academic packs are now decreasing in sales. The coronavirus have also led to spikes in global Internet usage. This is a welcome trend for affiliates, given that a vast majority of affiliate sales occur online.

On-Demand Doctors/Nurses/Caretakers

Developing a platform where users can ask for on-demand doctors, nurses and even other healthcare service providers seems to be a future-proof idea. Create an app which makes simpler the process of booking for medical professionals visiting their home. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of pharmacy companies to contribute in the fight against Coronavirus. With a right tech partner by your side, you can shift to an online medicine delivery business in just a couple of weeks.

Health care and mental health

Online health care assists patients and medical workers and will be a legacy of combating the novel coronavirus. Amidst the isolation-time, it is essential for healthcare professionals to take care of their patients, without encouraging them to step outside. For this, you must reach them digitally. You can provide the best possible solutions to their health issues with the help of your own exclusive online healthcare app.


This is an unprecedented time for the whole business domain. While there’s no slew of tried-and-true top practices for dealing with this worldwide pandemic, the above listed Top 10 businesses will emerge out as a leader through this crisis. Moreover, it is equally important to understand that the idea of the online marketing solutions comes with a futuristic approach.

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