Digital marketing packages starts from 25000/-


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Activities:

    Our search engine optimization services help you reach out to your desired target audience and gain a prominent rank in the web space. Our SEO experts make sure that your brand is at the top of the search engine page, so as to drive in more customers or leads.

  2. Google Optimization:

    Simple yet essential processes to tune-up your website, making it easy for Google to understand and index your website to achieve a better rank on the web space.

  3. Google Analytics:

    We utilise this wonderful tool to answer these integral questions: How many people have accessed my website as yet and from where? What languages do they speak? What web browsers do they use? How much average time do visitors spend on my website? How many of them are returning visitors? And so on.

  4. Ongoing consultancy:

    A monthly check up of your website to tighten up the loose nuts and bolts. A maintained website is always ranked higher by any search engine.


  1. Facebook Page Creation, Maintenance & Marketing:

    Opening up your business to the world of online advocates & conversing with them. Better knowledge of your products, better presence in the market & more importantly, quality conversations with your users.

  2. Twitter:

    Quote your expertise and discerning knowledge for the world to read. We’ll do it for you in the most effective & result-oriented way.

  3. Google+:

    It always helps to be present on as many social platforms as possible. Imagine if FIFA only had a website and no pages anywhere else, it would’ve have had the same major impact in the world it has now.

  4. Online Reputation Management (ORM):

    The core philosophy of Brandhype follows global standards of brand management & brand promotion. As the customers are known to talk about brands online, our qualified experts handle & nurture conversations with the good, the bad and the ugly for you, becoming the face of the brand online.

  5. YouTube & Podcast:

    The next level on online marketing via product demos, live interviews and service reviews. All these can be uploaded on this audio & visual based social channel, which has proved to be a HUGE hit for various companies & brands.

  6. LinkedIn:

    65% of B2B companies opt for LinkedIn as their primary source to provide information and engage with their audience and 50% of LinkedIn users are more likely to buy from a company that engages with them. That’s a big enough reason to get your business on LinkedIn.

  7. Instagram:

    With Visual Content becoming more and more popular on Social Media, it becomes increasingly important to visually communicate with your audience or followers or customers. And Instagram is currently the best and most-used photo sharing platform, with about 55 million photos being shared everyday.

  8. Pinterest:

    Only recently, have companies started to explore Pinterest. It’s almost like a scrapbook with a virtual pin board. In the past six months alone, Pinterest has grown over 4000% with a huge potential for marketing but it’s really all in how you approach it.


  1. Content Marketing:

    It is about keeping your market engaged with interesting factoids, stories and discerning knowledge about your product. These content marketing pieces are helpful & informative. This allows people to drive back to your website when they find other shareable content and end up spending more time on your website. With the right driving forces & calls to action, this increased traffic can be converted into sales.

  2. BrandHype:

    We offer copywriting services & integrate this information into interactive blogs, keeping your market engaged with your brand. We also offer streamlining the information into chronological newsletters for your ever growing database!


  1. Google Adwords:

    For every 10.3 billion searches, 40% of the clicks were on ads related to each search. Join the bandwagon. Google Adwords is the most effective and a sure shot way to acquire leads through Online Marketing.

  2. Online Publishers:

    Various websites offer spaces for ads – especially those frequented regularly by your target audiences. We help you identify them


  1. Design of Emails/Newsletter/Emailer Ad:

    In today’s time & age, an email is the best way to reach out to a group of people at once. We customize the mailers & design them while also develop strategies on how and to whom the emailer must be delivered.

  2. Time is of the essence:

    And so planning out timely release of emails, content, campaign analysis data is one of the most important concepts of Email-Marketing.

  3. Database Management:

    Segregation of receivers ensures better open rates. Narrowing down your audience will make your emailers even more effective by directing them towards the most interested customers.


  1. Designing high end websites:

    BrandHype’s Hi-end web designing imbibes cutting edge technology to portray the highest standard for your virtual web visiting card. Putting up the best face of your brand, business and image, to ensure the first impression stands out as the best in crowd

  2. Website Redesign:

    Presentation has always mattered. BrandHype offers innovative and responsive re-vamping of your existing website, using the latest technology from the world wide web. Consider it a face lift for your brand online.


  1. Customizing a plan of action to utilize best suited online marketing tools for your product:

    How should I go about my new/pre-existing website? How do I talk about my product line online? Are launching products online important? How do I execute a Facebook campaign online? How can Google Adwords help us? – We provide you with a strategy to conquer each and every query. Need we say more?

  2. Analysis of every campaign:

    Each campaign indicates market reality. We use scientific tools to utilize and analyse this data to better your reach and image online..


  • Are your products up for sale online as yet? BrandHype lists out & profiles your merchandise on popular e-commerce websites, allowing people to buy your products anytime!
  • Creating e-brochures of your products to be displayed on e-retailing portals and getting your brand the due attention by displaying them aptly.
  • Help device methods to maintain your inventory.

Read success story:

Rohan sells wax candles for a living. He finally decided to open up a website to let others know that he manufactures these special candles in the Delhi NCR region. He lists basic information alongside his contact details online. Once he does so, he notices that in the past few months, his orders increase. Various people ask him to supply the wax candles in colours such as blue, pink, orange and silver. Realizing his buyer’s requests, Rohan decides to go ahead and offers a brand new color based range online. He puts up an announcement on the website but receives no new orders. He decides to set up a sign-up form, so that all visitors to his website leave their email id’s as they land. He creates an attractive emailer talking about his new range of colourful candles. He receives a fantastic response and his orders double. He updates his website with a query form that allows a customer to post individual queries, including an option to request for custom colours in candles

Rohan soon realizes that he isn’t reaching out to people who haven’t heard of his his website. With Diwali approaching, he soon creates a Google Adwords Account and Plans an Ad-Campaign for his website. With a basic budget of 2500 INR per month, he generates 500 new visitors and 25 queries for his company, per month. He next sets up a Google Analytics account and learns that the average time spent on his website was 40 seconds, which was definitely not enough to go through or even download the catalogue of products offered. He immediately ads a lucky draw contest every week, allowing people to sign up and drop their email ids – a readymade database! With an attractive ‘Win a colourful set of candles every week’ offer, his website bounce rate reduces and visitors spent more time on his website.

He soon realizes that he needs to reach out to thousands more online & hence sets up his Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Account. A big supplier finds his snaps interesting on Instagram and places a bulk order for 500 candles per month. Rohan now owns multiple shops in Delhi & Mumbai.

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