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Businesses have been struggling to improve the rankings of their website on search engines for a long time. They know that having a good rank results in good traffic and hence boosts business. To achieve good rankings some organizations, get involved in the practices which are known as grey hat or black hat SEO.

However, search engines are also changing their algorithms with time and staying ahead of these malpractices. Google has the maximum share of the search engine market and it guides regularly about the factors it considers while ranking.

Google has always worked on a consumer-centric approach where it wants to show up the best results to users with less time. A business aligns their SEO strategies accordingly to get a good rank in Google.

Below are the some of the SEO trends, which will rule the future

  1. Mobile Indexing

Google has announced long back that it gives preference to websites which have their presence on mobile. In fact, more than half searches happen today on mobile. If you’re working on SEO, then you cannot ignore mobile-friendliness of your mobile.

If you’re working on a CMS like WordPress then most themes would take care of it by themselves otherwise, you’ll have to make every page of your website mobile-friendly.

  1. SSL

Few years ago, Google has announced the importance of security in a website using secured website certificates (SSL). It has also announced that this feature will impact the ranking of the websites.

If you check now, you will notice that most of the search results on the first page of Google will be websites which are SSL secured. You may also have noticed recently that Chrome flags website without HTTPS can be potentially unsafe.

  1. Voice Search

Rise in the usage of smartphones has to lead to an increase in voice search. Google being a consumer-centric company prefers websites whose content is easy to crawl and index to help users.

Avoid using flash and optimize the load speed of your website. Google cannot read flash and images, so if you’re using images don’t forget to add alt titles so that your content is readable by Google.

  1. Page Speed

Google has mentioned several times that page load time is an important factor in the ranking algorithm. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load then you can have consequences.

You can check your page speed using Google tool. You need to optimize your website and improve your page speed. You can do it by reducing image size, using page cache etc.

  1. Linkless Backlinks

Backlinks have been an important part of SEO strategies since ages. And it is not changing now either however Google has announced that it will count your brand name (without a link) also as a trust factor.

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