Learn 5 Things About SEO From Competitors
Date: Aug 07, 2018
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Starting a business, developing a new website all sorted but you are worried about the small no. of visitors or no visitors. On the other hand, your competitor has regular visitors. This situation is not good for your business. You need to work on it

The question is how to work on it. Well, there is a saying Keep your friends close but your enemies closer! This proverb is the answer to all your worries. How your competitors do their search engine optimization (SEO) can help you decide on your marketing strategy. In this digital world, keeping a check on competitors SEO will give you a competitive advantage.

  1. Find out the Actual Competitors

    Before competing with others, you need to be sure that they are your competitors. There should be a list of 5- 10 competitors who are in your geographical location or industry.

    You can use the following methods to find your actual competitors-

    On Google, search the industry related keywords it will give you the names of similar businesses.

    Set up an alert to get all industry & competitor updates

    Find more competitors from directories.

  2. Find out the keywords on which you are competing

    After finding with which you are competing, next step is to find out on which keywords you are competing. All the keywords are it long – tail keywords or regular keywords.

  3. Analyze content marketing

    To increase following, awareness about the brand you need to create relevant & good quality content. You are required to see what your competitors are doing in terms of content marketing. The content should be problem-solving along with conversational style. How they are posting as well as how they share it, what is their strength etc, you need to study all this.

  4. Audience feedback

    To get the true picture you need to go through all the blog comments your competitors have. Read their blogs, & read the audience comments on it. Try to get the maximum information, which you can get to improve the product or service. This will give you a brief about what exactly the audience wants from you.

  5. Social media is the key

    This digital era is the age of social media. Everything, everyone is on social media & so is your competitor. You need to check which social media platform they are using, how consistently they are posting on it. Which keywords are they using in posts? You can also see if they are part of any groups or not, how they are interacting in it etc.

    In order to remain relevant in business & succeed in analyzing your competitors’ strategies is actually one of the best ways. One simple solution to this is you can get a Digital marketing company onboard.

    Brand hype is one such digital marketing company which helps you achieve the goals It is prominently featured in the list of top five Digital marketing company in Delhi. Our Clients base is the proof of our work. We are a company with a global outlook, which makes us a perfect choice for the truly international brand. You can get in touch with us at Email— [email protected]

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