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Nowadays businesses rely on the internet, almost 90% business is on the internet & web. A customer gets an option to choose &buy & simultaneously they have an authority to give their feedback too.

Few people use this authority positively & few negatively. Feedbacks matter a lot when you have an online presence. In such a scenario, negative feedbacks can tarnish the image of your company or brand completely.

How can you minimize the impact of these bad reviews? Here is a guide to keep your reviews positive in & getting rid of negative ones.

Facebook reviews

Social media is working 365*24*7, and when something is used so much then it is bound to have negativity in it as well. If you are looking to remove negative feedbacks from the Facebook page then you need to First login as admin of your page.

Edit the company’s address information with the editing tool.

Uncheck the box allowing your business’s map to be shown on your page.

Save it & you will not have any reviews publicly visible on your Facebook page.

Google reviews

Google the most important source of information for consumers. The easiest place to have negative reviews.

Steps to remove negative reviews from Google are as follows.

  1. Find out if the review is genuine or not? If the review is fake, offensive, or inappropriate, you can simply flag it & get it removed by the Google administrative team.
  2. Contact local reviewer directly.
  3. You need to be respondent to your reviews be it negative or positive. Once you respond to negative feedback positively it will give a glimpse of your online reputation management & also might change the mind of another reviewer who was thinking of giving a negative review.

Amazon Reviews

As third, party seller, you cannot control the reviews of customers. The online shopping has this disadvantage of no control on products & their reviews. Handle their reviews tactfully—

  1. Find out if the review was correct or not. In case the review is correct, then contact the consumer, ask about their problem, & tell them the solution, which you can give them. If they agree to adopt the solution, they have 60 days to remove their comment.
  2. In case, the feedback was wrong & cannot be resolved by contacting customers. You may contact Amazon & their people will find out if the issue is incorrect; they will remove it within 90 days.

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