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What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

The rate at which people who visited your website converted into customers is known as conversion rate. If 3 people buy out of 100 people who visited your website then your conversion rate is 3%. To increase your e-commerce sales you can either increase your traffic while the percentage that buy remains the same, or you can try to increase the percentage of customers that buy the product. To increase the percentage of people that buy the product, you may need to better target your audience and bring in people who better represent your ideal customer segment to capture people at the final stages of the sales funnel.

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is the process to increase the conversion rate of different sections of your website through driving data. Conversion rate optimization should have call to action, website design testing and multi-variant testing. CRO should be based on consciously changing aspects of the customer journey, structured approach, and website design and product pages in order to increase conversions.

Why CRO is essential for E-Commerce?

CRO is most commonly applied on the shopping carts, landing pages, product pages and sign up pages of the e-commerce sites. It is very much easier to twice your conversion rate than twice your traffic. And instead of seeing increase in your website traffic, you can have a clear Return On Investment (ROI) by turning your visitors into buyers.
Suppose, initially when you hired CRO expert, 5 per hundred visitors buy from your website. Now for every 100 visitors, 10 buy. Your new conversion rate is 10%. Your website traffics are unchanged, but buyers’ number from your site has doubled.

Tips to Increase Conversion Rate

  • Study why people are abandoning their shopping carts. Improvements in the final stage can increase sales far more quickly than the interactive website design improvements.
  • There should be different marketing messages for different segment of people. Little changes to the headlines, page layout, image size, and the fonts used could increase sales even if the content itself isn’t changed.
  • Websites lose mobile customers when it takes too long to load, or if they cannot access parts of the site because it doesn’t resize properly for the smaller screen. Understand your website design to increase the conversion rate.
  • An inability to checkout, fill out the shopping cart fields on mobile, will not only abandon the shopping carts but will also put a bad impression on visitors who will never return to your website.

CRO is not a one-time process; ROI out of CRO can be achieved over a period of time say 6 to 12 months or more. Ecommerce sites see great financial benefits from CRO as it is relatively low in cost as compared to the instant impact on the bottom line by boosting sales.

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