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Keyword rank checkerTo get to the top ranks in google keyword rankings and to compete for the top position in the search engine page listing it is important that you simply optimize your content with some planning and by setting some targets, you should know that if you optimize your website in a more data-driven way, then you can get more results rather than going for it blindly! Now the most important and vital data that you can use to improve your website position is to check it by the search engine’s ranking position in terms of keyword and the phrases that you are targeting according to your niche!

Now there are many tools and applications on the web that can help you with this small problem, but you should know that not all of them are easy to use and reliable and so we thought of gathering some information about the best keyword rank checker tool on the web today! The tool that we are going to discuss today can easily help you out in boosting your google keyword rankings and can also help you in improving the quality of the content by telling you about the most top-ranked keywords! So without any delay, let us get started with the details of the best keyword rank checker tool!

Keyword rank checker by Search Engine Reports!

Keyword rank checker tool by the search engine reports is a tool that can help you in the detection of the exact and get accurate position of a website or its domain in the listing of the search engine under a given keyword, this is calculated by going through the domains that are considered to be the competition of the alphas site that needs to be checked (using the same keywords as yours)! Now, this is a tool that can help you get to know about your google keyword rankings with respect to your desktop searches as well as mobile/smartphone searches!

This keyword rank checker by SERP is known to be the best one because of many reasons including its simple and easy use, so we are going to first tell you about how to use a keyword rank checker tool on the web! Most people are confused with the working of these tools, and for this very reason, we have selected the easiest one for you guys so let us go through the steps mentioned below!

keyword ranking checker toolWorking on the keyword rank checker!

To use this keyword position checker, you don’t have to be an SEO expert, you just need the basic knowledge of the internet and should know the English language enough to understand the interface of the tool! Here are five steps that will teach you the use of the tool like a pro master and help you find your website google keyword rankings!

  1. On this page https://searchenginereports.net/ that you will be directed to after clicking this link, you have to go through the table and the blank spaces that you have to fill!
  2. First, enter your website URL in the top blank and the URL of your competition in the respective blank in the lower blank that has the label! This is for the tool to know that for which website you want to check the ranking of!
  3. The next step is to simply select the Google search engine! Yes, this is the reason that this tool is also known as the Google rank checker tool as it is capable of tracking down the keyword positioning of keywords with respect to different locations of Google! You have to select the one that you are targeting!
  4. Now the next step is to make sure that you enter at least ten keywords that you are using in your content or are targeting in your website! You have to make sure that you enter only one keyword in one line and after that, move towards the next one! Don’t jumble them if you want accurate results!
  5. Now you have to select the device for which you want to know about the positions for, and you can choose either from smartphones or desktops! Once you select the device, the tool will tell you about the ranking of the keyword with respect to that particular one! Know that the ranking position is different from both devices in most cases!

Now when you are done with the input of the information, you just have to click on the CHECK POSITION button that you will find below the text box! When you do so, the tool will take a few seconds and will tell you about the exact position of the keywords! If the position of the words used by you is low, then you should know that you have to change them and use the words that have the highest ranks so that you can get to the top shelves in a short time! With this tool, you will get a better idea of where you stand against your competition and get google keyword rankings easily!

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