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Are you not willing to get the huge traffic on your website, which would turn into successful leads?

Of course this is the dream for every business; however, in the existing chaos of competition, lead generation becomes a hard nut to crack.


SEO- search engine optimization speaks for itself and holds the potential to garner the highest level of visibility for your business website by optimizing its every bit. With this post, let’s begin a learning tour to understand how an SEO agency India can trigger the lead generation.

  • Select The Right Keywords

An SEO strategy can only work for your website when there is an integration of right keywords, which draw the attention of the right audience. You need to target the keywords where competition is tad low but searches are good with around 100 in a month. You can pick the help from free keyword research tools like Google Adwords keyword planner and SEMrush to name a few.

  • The Website Must Be Mobile Friendly

The website holds the worth, but you must not forget that the majority of users are mobile users. Henceforth, you must ask SEO consultant Delhi to make your landing pages mobile-friendly. The pages which are mobile-friendly bring more conversion, as your audience can access your services through mobile phones. You can create the AMP pages and let the magic begin.

  • Optimize Page Speed

If your website takes time to load, then no audience would be willing to stay and wait, therefore you must optimize the landing page speed. With this very aspect, you allow your business to experience online conversions. You can take the help from the tools like Google page speed insights and GTmetrix for speed test.

  • Include Content marketing

SEO and content Marketing work hands-in-hands, but unless your content is rich and informative Google will never scroll it further. So invest in generating the effective content, coupled with the integration of right keywords within your content.

By using the mentioned techniques, you can carve out the organic lead generation system to keep your sales funnel filled with high-quality leads. On the other hand, you can pick the services from an efficient SEO agency Delhi, none other than Brandhype.

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