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The Internet has been spreading its legs at an unprecedented rate. More people have adapted internet in past 5 years than in a decade before that.

Seeing this trend, a lot of businesses have made their websites and have come online. Now, customers are getting flooded with an enormous amount of information and do not know which website to open.

Most of the internet users go to a search engine to discover services which they want. With the increase of smartphone usage, people are searching for everything on the go.

If you want to attract traffic to your website, then you cannot ignore the power of search engines anymore. So, you need to do the search engine optimization of your website.

Here are the steps to build the SEO strategy for your business

1. Target Keyword Discovery

The first thing to do while building the SEO of your website is to find target keywords. Keywords are the words/phrases which a person enters into the query bar to search for the information.

You need to first understand which keywords are related for your business. For example, an SEO agency would target keywords like best SEO agency, top search engine optimization company etc.


Google Keyword Planner is one of the most famous tools to search for related keywords.

2. On Page SEO

While creating the website, there are many on-page seo factors which you need to keep in mind. These factors have a large impact on your website ranking in search engine results. Some of the on page seo factors are meta tags, headline tags, image optimization, alt tags etc.


Try to keep the length of Meta Title is 50-60 characters.

3. Content is King

You must have heard of this phrase in online business a lot of times and this is true. Search engines have always loved rich content pages. There have been a lot of discussions lately in SEO world about the length of content on the website.

According to research, content pages with more than 1500 words perform better in search engine rankings.


Try to create detailed content.

4. Focus on Mobile

With the increased penetration of smartphones, a lot of searches happen from mobile. According to data, more than 50% of searches happening today originate from mobile phones. You cannot ignore the mobile compatibility of your website.

Google has announced long back that it will consider the mobile compatibility of a website in the ranking algorithm.


Check the mobile compatibility of your website.

5. External Linking

When you create a website and enrich it with useful content, people tend to visit your website more. People can link back to your website while discussion and refer you as the source of information. Search engine major Google considers this as a trust signal and gives you credit for this.


Create useful content rich with stats and numbers, people tend to believe in research and link back to the website.

6. Social Media

Social Media has become too big to ignore. There are more than 3.1 billion social media users in the world. When you’re building your website, don’t forget to make the presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

You users would like to connect with you on their favorite social media channel.


Add social media sharing widget on your website blog to increase your shares.


These points above will help you build SEO strategy for your business. However, it is better to rely on search engine optimization experts and hire a SEO agency which can take your business to new heights.

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