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Marketing, one of the most important activities to promote business. Every business whether small business or big business house indulge in different types of marketing techniques. These techniques include both traditional modes of marketing and digital marketing modes too. In order to find out which mode is best for one’s business, one needs to be aware of Pros and cons of both the techniques.

What is traditional marketing?

The conventional methods of marketing, which have been followed since the beginning of marketing. This form of marketing includes-

  • Newspaper Ads
  • Television and radio promotions
  • Magazine
  • Billboards along roads and highways

What is digital marketing?   

Digital marketing is the relatively new form of marketing. Thanks to growth Internet technologies, it is a fast-growing marketing method. This form of marketing includes-

  • Social Media— Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat
  • Email Marketing
  • Business networking sites – LinkedIn
  • Blogs, articles writing

Benefits of digital Marketing over traditional marketing

Brand development—

“Out of sight is out of mind” this quote is apt for brand image building. Due to High costs, low frequency of advertisements makes customers forget your brand in case of traditional marketing. In the case of digital marketing at the lesser price, you can promote your product easily. This makes your brand popular. Digital marketing has added an advantage in terms of brand development.

Low cost—

The cost of advertisements in newspaper, television, etc. cost a lot. At the same time, advertisement on the internet is quite cheap as compared to traditional marketing mediums. This saves a lot of money for research and development & business enhancement.’

Higher engagement—

In traditional marketing you have to wait for customer feedback, also you cannot interact with customers. Whereas in Digital marketing you can interact with the customer, take their valuable feedback; give them a solution that is apt for their concern. This way you build a positive rapport with the customer on the real-time basis.

Measurable results–

In digital marketing, the results are measurable to the last count. You can get an exact number of impressions, clicks, engagement, conversions, bounce rates, and many more metrics. Based on these metrics one can strategize the future course of advertising, marketing and business in a much better way.

Apt for all businesses—

Whether you are running a small-scale business or managing a huge business house. In the virtual world, you can easily promote your work without much staff. However, in the case of traditional marketing you need staff to handle different domains of marketing and funds to do large-scale promotions that are not possible for small-scale business.

Faster Publicity—

The real-time results obtained from digital marketing can give your brand faster publicity. In case of traditional marketing, advertisements take time to reach to all and hence publicity is delayed.

Strategy level changes are easy to make—

With the help of faster results in real- time, one can make changes in strategy easily. As soon as Analytics show the ad is causing losses, you can stop it immediately. In addition, any negative feedback received on social media can be handled tactfully. However, with traditional marketing, correcting negative feedback is not possible as feedback is received after a long time.


Digital marketing has a clear edge over traditional marketing in terms of cost, speed, laser targeting, faster results, better maneuverability of strategy and providing equal opportunities to all level of players irrespective of their size. Digital marketing has for sure proven its dominance over any other form of marketing in recent times. Given the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing all the corporate are allocating major part of their marketing budget to digital marketing.

If you still have not boarded the bandwagon of digital marketing still, do it now, before your competition takes the indomitable lead.

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