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As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, it is also shaking up business and consumer behaviour on a massive scale. Many businesses are encouraged to halt nonessential functions for the sake of social distancing to stop the spread of the virus. The economic consequences of this black swan event are still unclear, and are not in control. Both the small and big businesses will miss their financial targets if they don’t take an action to survive this new reality. This pandemic has showcased the value of digital transformation and compelled marketers to switch gears and shift their focus on online marketing, away from offline marketing.

At Brandhype, we understand how this crisis have taken over on a number of businesses and here we have mentioned a number of things you can do now to maintain your digital presence and take proactive steps in keeping business running smoothly:

Digital Marketing Strategies That You Can Bring In Use Now: 

  • Social Media is the Key

This is the perfect time to engage your targeted audience and also interact with your existing customers. With more consumers at home, we’ll likely see them browsing online to pass their time, now is a good time to re-engage with them and drive them to your site. This way you can also drive new potential leads and sales even during this time.

  • Keep Calm & keep Optimizing your Ad Campaigns

Don’t let Covid-19 scare you away! Since competition is down in most businesses, we’ve perceived some clients getting much cheaper average CPC and lower cost-per-conversion. In the face of social distancing, face-to-face interactions with potential clients may be limited, the cases and inquiries are likely to be as viable in a month or more leaving an opportunity for marketers to see better results in the week during the COVID-19 crisis than the week before. So, make sure your marketing efforts are optimized for calls and your ads and website display the best number to reach you or your staff.

  • Add E-Commerce To Your Website

Many businesses that were not previously ready to sell products on the online platforms are facing the reality to survive during this time. If you haven’t already added an option for e-commerce then now is the time to do so. Right now e-commerce websites are best for businesses that bring in at least 50% of their revenue online.

  • Implement Online Ordering & Delivering

It’s nearly impossible to completely stop the spread of a highly contagious virus — especially in a world that is heavily dependent on grocery stores, healthcare workers, and other essential services. Try adding an online ordering and delivery system into your website to let people make the best use of your website while maintaining social distancing. Make the best of digital marketing techniques to reach out to your targeted audience and also your existing clients to drive more sales.

  • Update Your Google Business Listing

Keep you audience and existing customers updated and ensure that your customers are fully informed about your business’s actions during the COVID-19. One of your first steps towards this is updating your Google Business Listing. This is the first place many people look when attempting to contact your business. Update your working hours, share whether or not you are open or closed, and create posts that inform your audience about alternative options like delivery and takeout.

  • Work Harder To Rank Higher in the Search Engines

Search engine optimization reaches the consumer when they are in a state of need. Even during economic crisis this can help in producing sales and leads precisely because the consumer is connected with your brand when they are searching for your product or service. Now is the good time you work harder on all the SEO tactics to reach out your targeted audience. This can result in huge benefit to your business during such challenging times.

In a nutshell, there are still positive and empathetic ways that your business can take to generate revenue in a world of social distancing, so adapt a holistic approach and reach your customer through Email, social media, SEO, and paid media and other online marketing tactics and use this opportunity to get creative, and explore new ways of that can only help you in getting high ROI.

Brandhype remains one of your best choices to help you embark on this online journey, as it is rated as one of the best digital marketing companies in India.

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