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6 Important Elements of Influencers Marketing Campaign

Influencers are creating content around the products as shoppers are developing “brand blindness”
where even a hint of bias can shut them off and deter them from engaging with your brand. It’s
becoming harder and harder to engage today’s social consumers with branded content as the audience
is likely hiding behind influencers.

As per the data collected, more than 80% of people think user-generated content is more influential
than branded content as it comes across more inspired, authentic and genuine. They want to follow,
engage with those they emulate (influencers), connect with like-minded people, and look to them for
suggestions and unbiased advice.

You need to place these influencers at the helm of the content creation process to get these followers
engage with your brand. Let the influencers speak; their audience will recognize their voice.
For success from the beginning of the campaign, consider the following points:


A large following is useless if the influencer is not aligned with your brand. Brand alignment is vital as reach is important in a successful marketing campaign.


  • Dig further and look for alignment with other factors such as interest, style, demographic, and
    other significant characteristics of their data profiles.
  • If possible, find influencers who already use your products and love them because if your
    influencer does not love your products, it will come across in their content and messaging. For
    authentic and happy work, partnership with product friendly influencer will be profitable.


It’s your job to provide direction and guidance regarding your product and services, and then approve
the content to publish. You may also need the influencer to make some edits as it is the reason why it’s
important to choose an influencer who is willing to collaborate with you, engage with your brand, and
be receptive to your guidance.


While collaborating, brands need to keep the process live and breathe on its own. In the initial
influencer marketing campaigns, brands usually want take control over the content development

This, on the other hand, leads to a few problems:

  • Influencers may feel that you don’t respect their voice or them. This can also affect your
    professional relationship.
  • Your influencer marketing campaign could be affected if the content is not authentic. And if the
    influencers do not feel respected, it will eventually show up in their post.
  • Influencers may feel creatively stuck and not be able to produce the type of content that will
    resonate with their audience. You need to trust them and respect them.


Trust and respect goes hand in hand. Trust is vital to an ROI-driven influencer marketing campaign, and
this should be top of mind as you are selecting influencers. If the influencers have any vetted positive
feedback, it will help you trust more. Choose the influencer for your brand after checking the previous


Avoid those influencers who have frequently bounced from one brand to another. Look for those
influencers who will offer you long term benefits to your brand and grow with you as the brand grow.
Work and develop an ongoing partnership with influencers who could potentially fit that role in future.
Adding up to influencer loyalty, connect with influencers who have audiences of loyal followers. The
more supportive and loyal the followers, the more willing they will be to act on suggestions.


You must know which influencer is responsible for most engagement otherwise you will waste your
budget if you keep wasting money at your campaigns without knowing how to change as needed.

Ways to track the success of your influencer campaigns:

  • Google UTM parameters
  • Coupon codes
  • Cost Per Engagement (CPE)

These six items cover the most important elements of an influencer-generated content campaign. Pay
attention to each as you search for the best influencers with whom to work.

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Happy Influencer Marketing.

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