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The concept of ‘search engine optimization’ has caught everyone’s fancy these days. It’s no surprise that almost every entrepreneur in Delhi is seeking assistance from some of the top SEO companies in Delhi to help them make some content-based changes on their website by which more and more number of people will visit their website thereby increasing the website traffic to your website and which in turn will help in generating more revenue. However, this is not all that difficult. In fact, there a few hacks which even if you do, you will be able to do that. Keeping that in mind, we bring to you some of these interesting online content hacks for your benefit.


Have a Bold and Catchy Title

Whether it is an article in the newspaper or online, the first thing which makes clients visit your website first instead of your contemporaries’ is when you have a bold, attractive and a catchy title to your web content. Just try doing this simple hack and observe the number of hits which you receive for your business. You will witness a rise of at least 40% of visitors. Try it to believe it!

Make a Deep Study

Before signing up for something, it is always a good practice to get involved, do a bit of study and research before your actually start doing anything. In case of a title to your web content also, make sure that you dig a little deeper, research and see the kinds of titles which your competitors must have put for their content with special focus on keywords. This will help give you a clear picture of how you should do that for your website as well. To help you with this, there are even some software which help you analyze the content of your website as compared to that of your rivals as that will help you understand where you stand in terms of marketability.


Involve and Include Influencers

If you want one sure shot way by which you can get consumers to visit your website and browse through your content, then make sure that you catch hold of an influencer who owing to his popularity has the ability to pull a large number of audiences to himself or herself. So what happens is if an influencer makes a statement in relation to your product or service, then automatically the end audience sits up and takes notice of your product or service and even decides to start making use of the same.

Make Sure that you Understand at Least the Basics of SEO

At the end of the day, it does not matter how impressive or attractive the title to your web content must be or how many quotes of an influencer you must have uploaded on your website, etc. What matters is how well or how articulately or strategically you place them on your website and this is what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about. Hence, before you do anything make sure that you get an understanding of at least the basics of SEO. This will only help and benefit you in the long run. Take special care of your meta tags here.

Easy and Convenient Content for your Viewers

Make sure that the content which you upload on your website is not just simple and easy to understand and comprehend, but is equally easy to share as well. Having an easy to share content makes it easier for your audience to re-tweet or repost or share your link of any of the social media websites. You can do this either by making use of floating share bar or Hootsuite social share etc. Alternatively, you may even have options at the end of your content which will help your users to share content easily and without any hassles. This can be done with the help of inline share buttons.


Stay Fresh, Stay Ahead

Last but not the least, always keep a watch and look out for the new and different ways and means by which you will be able to revise your content and make it look fresher and updated. Carrying out such an exercise will not take much of your time but will give you rewarding returns.

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