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Date: Jul 06, 2018
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Technology has brought us a relief which is often cherished by us in our professional and personal lives’ space, but since the demand from our end is upgrading at a faster speed so the technology has to make a pace with it, to help it match our requirements.

In the wake of technology, the online marketing has bloomed to a new level, which has brought us much closer to our required services with few steps made on our Smartphone.

The worth of digital marketing is widely accepted by the different business owners and the industrialists, and they have recognized that digital marketing is the only platform which has helped them to excel their competitors.

The most practiced and the popular strategy of Digital Marketing is the SEO, an abbreviation which stands for the Search Engine Optimization. The SEO practices are in abundance and a leading advertising agency in Gurgaon knows very well, how to consume these strategies in the favor your boosting your business revenue.

You would be surprised to know that SEO services never remain same, and are always on the verge of getting transformed since the demand in the market and from the end-users’ is always floating around to make the SEO strategies to keep up the with the trending business models.

Alas, but fact, that there are many myths involved with SEO as well, which check the advance level of SEO to a large scale, and ruins the achievement way for your business income. With this post, I am going to cover some of the most prevailing SEO myths and what are the facts related to them…let’s read ahead..

#1 Myth- If I Am Following Good Content Marketing Then There Is No Need For SEO Services

I know it sounds so relatable to you, and you might have thought or done like this too, but believe me, this theory is completely baseless and does not yield any result.

I concur with you that good content is much required for your business promotion, but at the same time you need to understand, that unless this content goes viral, then it would only suffice to a specific space only, and no prize for guessing to make your content VIRAL you need a mode to dictate it around, and that mode cannot be anything better than SEO services.

You need to integrate the successful SEO strategies to go along with the content marketing and together these two aspects make a great deal.

#2 Myth – Meta Descriptions Are Not Important

I heard many people, who develop their own theory and suggest that Meta Tags are not the essential part of the SEO, and can be avoided.


Yes, there are myths circulated in the market which hints this, but as a matter of fact, these HTML tags, which appear in between the opening and closing of the <head> tags, are the necessary elements.

Although adding the Meta tags do not boost your search rankings, but it sure does tell the users and the search engines about the type of your website.

Also, they make your search result look alluring enough to bring a number of clicks from the search engines since users get the clear idea that your website is enriched with quality- content.

# 3 Myth- Link Building Is An Optional Matter

Although the SEO strategies have a come along way through from the day it has begun, but even today the worth of link building is as it used to be in past. This fact is largely accepted and integrated by the leading SEO Company in Gurgaon, but there are digital marketing strategists, who try to avoid the significance of link building, but this is absolutely a wrong step.

Link building is a vital part of successful SEO services, and it clearly decides that how Google would decide what sites to be reflected in the first-page result.

#4 Myth- Quantity Matters

There had been an old strategy which stated that the number of more pages on the website helps the SEO to rank your business higher, but with the trending and the latest trends this theory has faded off, and it makes it very clear that quality and the number of keywords targeted in the less number of pages matter then the quantity.

You must ensure that every added page on your website is adding value to it because users prefer to see something which is useful and beneficial for them, so plan and work upon accordingly

#5 Myth- Image Optimization Is Useless


Is this what you think???  

Then you need to brace up with the right set of strategies, and those SEO strategies suggest that whenever or wherever you embed an image in your website you MUST optimize it fully by using the SEO trick alt tag.

These tags would help the search engines to recognize your images and help it get ranked as well.

So peeps, if you really want your website to do wonders with the latest SEO techniques then you must not follow these myths at any given cost and consequently help your business to get ranked higher and generate viable traffic and the revenue hike with the right SEO strategies.

Now you must be wondering that how to make it possible since the available SEO companies in the market, only create the confusion and it is not at all possible for you to select the best out of all.

We understand this issue, that’s the reason we have brought a tried and tested and the best SEO company in Gurgaon, which is none other than BrandHype.

BrandHype has already crafted numerous elevator stories for the biggest brands and the budding startups in the market and has gained the recognition as the best SEO agency in Gurgaon.

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