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A keyword is a word or phrase fed into the search box of any search engine like bing, Google, Yahoo etc.
Keyword research is the first and the most important step in SEO of any website followed by other
activities such as content creation and optimization, on page optimization, modification in site etc.
There are numerous paid as well as free tools available for doing keyword research. So the focus should
be on the exact need of the business and get the right set of keywords as per the business’s niche
and needs, for example, it’s target audience etc. Below is a guide to select the best Keyword research tool
as per your needs. These top research tools will definitely help your purpose of doing a successful
keyword research.

So here it is:


A free and popular tool, yields results from Google based on Google suggestions. It gives keywords a
stepwise manner like most effective to specific suggested keywords. It is an effective yet simple
tool for keyword research.


It is what every digital marketer should invest upon as it is a must have paid tool with versatile features.
Just by mentioning the URL of the website, one can easily get a detailed list of all the keywords that the
particular website is ranking for. This tool can also be used for analyzing and monitoring your target
keywords and competitor’s activity. One can also get search engine reports, backlinks, traffic statistics
details etc.

Google Keyword Planner:

One of the most used keyword research tool in present time yields unquestionably accurate and
reliable results as it comes directly from Google family. If you are looking for more versatility then you
may require using some other advanced tool otherwise, this tool is highly recommended for beginners as
it solves the maximum number of problems and is absolutely free.


This tool is meant for advanced keyword research. Simple to use, it suggests ultimate killer keyword
suggestions. It helps in giving the detailed analysis of every single keyword, starting from the back-links
numbers, factors affecting the On-page etc.


This tool is considered to be the complete keyword research and competitive analysis software in
the world. Spending few dollars on this will never let you regret as you will receive a lot more just a
keyword research tool. The biggest advantage of this tool is that it is very fast than many of the other
tools. Performing competitive analysis with this tool just cannot be easier with any other tool.

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