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Top 3 Trends in Digital Marketing in 2016

With 2016 just couple of days old, the learning curve in marketing should always be expanding and cutting edge. Brandhype, Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon brings tops 3 trends in digital marketing for 2016.

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Improved Community Based Marketing

With limited capability of traditional media to target its prime users, digital marketers in India are under a constant pressure to solve this challenge i.e developing a community base and engaging with them on a regular basis. Brands will demand a focused approach towards community-based marketing through campaigns on digital marketing channels which should validate ROI.

Mobile Optimization

There are more mobile-only users than desktop-only users. Also, 60% of all the time spent on digital media is spent on mobile devices. As more and more shoppers are using smartphones and connecting with brands through social media. It becomes a necessity and a valuable investment for the brands in India to have an optimized digital presence on mobile devices.

For Digital Marketing Companies in India it becomes increasingly important to have a mature understanding of mobile optimization, app development and marketing, as this year they are expected to work across all devices in order to capture the customers with smart-devices.

Content Still Remains The King

Developing “truly personal and relevant content that speaks to their customers directly” should be and will be the agenda of many brands going digital. Content marketing aims to equip the current and potential customers with information, in order to build the trust, develop the brand, and ensures visibility as a subject matter expert.

These three strategies cannot be ignored and is a must for brands in their marketing mix in today’s fast moving world.

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