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How can PPC Advertising Company Help your Business? 


Content marketing and SEO are great ways to attract visitors to your site, however, using these tactics may take a minimum of 3 months to show impressive results. Hence, if you are looking for ways to grow your business faster, then you might want to evaluate new digital marketing approaches. Yes, we are talking about PPC advertising. 

 In particular, the major benefit of PPC is that you can place your ad in front of people who are most likely to be interested in the products or services that you offer. With PPC, you pay a network every time a user clicks on your ad. No wonder it has become one of the most popular marketing tools in recent times. 

Reasons to give PPC advertising a try

A PPC advertising model is also referred to as Pay Per Click marketing, Search Engine Marketing or Paid Search. Let’s have a look at how PPC advertising can help your business grow.

  • 1. PPC campaign is predictable: With a PPC campaign, you can always decide on a budget. The visitors depend on how much you spend. Hence, if you want to get exactly 5000 visitors, you can spend accordingly.
  • 2. Faster results than SEO marketing: As mentioned earlier, using SEO marketing will take a minimum of 3 – 6 months to gain traction even if you are a professional marketer as opposed to PPC where you can drive potential visitors to your website in hours.
  • 3. More time to improve your product: Once you gain comfort, it does not take much time to manage and run a PPC campaign. Once a campaign is set up and running profitably, you can focus on spending the rest of your time improving your product so that pay per click visitors convert.

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    And when a PPC campaign is turned on, potential active buyers start visiting your website inquiring about your products. If you need to generate quick leads, it is a great way. The best PPC companies in Delhi can help you to boost sales for your business category. With their expertise, you can be assured of the best of services.

    A well-thought-out PPC advertising can benefit a wide range of businesses. Google Ads have become an important part of the marketing budget for many businesses and industries owing to its several benefits. PPC is also done on various social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

    Here we have listed down the examples of a few businesses that can benefit from PPC advertising. 

    • E-commerce companies
    • Education services
    • Luxury brands
    • Retail business
    • Sporting goods and apparel
    • Businesses with high customer lifetime value like colleges, doctors and other medical services

    PPC can bring in more qualified leads for your business. By including the right keywords in your ad, you will show up in searches where your potential buyers are doing their search. 

    The benefits of PPC for small business 


    Today, many small businesses are confused about new marketing initiatives like PPC. They tend to be unsure whether it is a good option for them to consider or not. Research suggests that small businesses budget only 4% of their revenue for marketing initiatives. They tend to spend this money on SEO services, website development, email marketing etc with a hope to attract traffic to their site.   

    However, in today’s competitive world, it is vital for business owners to find new customers and sustain loyal ones. PPC campaigns can easily help you connect with the target audience and the best part is you will only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad. Check out the various benefits of PPC and decide for yourself whether it is the right marketing strategy for your business or not. 

    1. Fast results

    PPC is perhaps the most efficient way to reach your audience in the fastest way possible. All you have to do is set up your ads and run them in your desired network. If you need the help of professionals to run your marketing campaign, you can reach out to the best PPC agency in Delhi such as BrandHype.  

    1. Reach your target audience

    Unlike other forms of marketing, a PPC campaign allows you to choose when and where your ads will appear. You can precisely target your audience based on several factors like keywords, location, time, days, website, and device. As a small business, you can benefit from this level of flexibility that allows you to direct your ads to potential customers.  

    1. Flexible budget

    Another advantage of PPC is that it has no budget constraints. You get to decide how much money you want to spend on your campaign. If PPC advertising is correctly managed, it can offer a high ROI to small businesses when compared to other forms of marketing tactics. 

    1. Measurable results

    From the time you start your advertising campaign, you can measure everything related to it from costs, views, visits, clicks etc. 

    But, of course, PPC advertising costs money. And regardless if you are a small business or a large one you would want to make sure that the money you spend on advertising is going to provide you the best ROI. For more information on how PPC benefits your business reach out to Brandhype, the best PPC company in Delhi. The team at Brandhype is an expert in generating relevant leads through pay-per-click techniques for any business!

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    PPC keyword research guide: How to conduct keyword research for your paid search campaigns


    Keyword research for PPC is the first step in using PPC advertising to drive targeted traffic to your business website. The process of keyword research can be time-consuming, but it is also super important as your entire PPC campaign is primarily keyword-centered advertising. The catch here is that it requires a certain level of expertise to identify highly relevant keywords that connect with the target audience. 

    Tips on choosing the right keywords for PPC advertising


    Here are a few tips to help you choose right keywords for your PPC campaigns.

    1. Relevant 

    The keywords we choose for your business are directly related to your business offerings. No one would want to be paying for the traffic generated that has literally no relation with your business. Hence, finding targeted keywords is important as it will lead to a higher PPC ads click rate and increased sales and profits. 

    1. Exhaustive 

    By this, we mean that your keyword research should include not only the most popular searched terms. It should be mixed with long-tail keywords that are less common and more specific for your business. Additionally, such keywords are less expensive.

    1. Expansive 

    If you only perform keyword research at the starting of your campaign, you’d probably be missing out on thousands of highly relevant keywords. Thus, we constantly update the keyword list for you to expand the campaign in order to drive more targeted traffic. 

    A well-organized PPC campaign includes keywords that can be broadly categorized as follows: 


    1. Brand keywords: These are keywords containing your own brand name. Brand keywords tend to yield excellent benefits in terms of click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate.
    1. Competitive keywords: The brand name of competitors who are offering similar products or services as yours are termed competitive keywords. It is a good idea to allocate a few of such keyword types as it allows you to get your brand name in the search list in front of people who are looking for your competitors’ products.  
    1. Low-intent keywords: These are keywords that don’t directly relate to your business offering. It is important to include such low intent keywords to expand your business reach and ultimately increase brand awareness. 
    1. Commercial keywords: High commercial intent keywords are the most valuable terms. in your PPC arsenal. They are search terms used by people who have made up the mind to buy something or are most likely to buy something you sell. Therefore, such keywords have the power to drive targeted traffic that ultimately converts to more sales. 

    Though it is possible to perform PPC keyword research and manage paid search campaigns in-house, it is usually not a productive approach. Professional PPC strategists can help you deliver a custom PPC campaign to the most effective networks for your business. 

    Now, read onto find out how Brandhype can help you grow your brand through pay-per-click marketing. 

    How can we help you grow your brand through PPC advertising


    The team of Brandhype understands the benefit of PPC and how it can help your business grow. We are a dedicated PPC agency in Delhi with years of experience in handling PPC projects. Each of the projects is assigned to an expert who contributes in selecting the right keywords, landing page selection, targeting audiences as per strategy and setting goals and tracking the campaign results. In brief, the process followed by our PPC consultant looks like this:

    • Product research
    • Keyword research
    • Ads creation
    • Bid strategy
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Campaign management
    • Conversion tracking
    • Remarketing  

    If you wish to generate relevant leads for your business within the fastest possible timeline, PPC advertising is the best solution. With Brandhype, a leading search engine marketing company in Delhi, you can be assured of more leads and increased sales.

    Our PPC advertising services


    Brandhype is the best PPC company in Delhi. We recommend pay-per-click solutions as a part of digital marketing effort to get relevant brand visibility. Our PPC advertising services include but is not limited to:

    1. Search advertising

    Search advertising is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy PPC through which you can build brand awareness. We place ads on various search engine results by which targeted traffic goes to your website. We will help you generate relevant leads and increase your sales through well thought paid search network advertising. 

    1. Display advertising

    We create customer-centric advertising with images, texts etc to amplify your digital presence. Display advertising is a great way to introduce people to your brand without them waiting to inquire about your products or services. 

    1. Remarketing services

    Remarketing is a great way to target those customers who have already visited your website or gone through your social media pages. The best PPC agencies in Delhi such as Brandhype are experts in creating robust remarketing strategies across various ad platforms. 

    1. Product listing advertisement 

    Product listing ads are usually used by brands to bring awareness about their products or services amongst the target customers. Advertising more and more products along with the related information with our customized product listing ads can help you convert your leads into sales. 

    1. Mobile advertising 

    We help you reach your target audience directly with the help of mobile advertising. Mobile ads can include anything from mobile website displays to video ads. Mobile advertising is a perfect way for a consumer world that spends a majority of their time scrolling through their phone. 

    What makes Brandhype the best PPC agency in Delhi


    Brandhype which is known to be the best PPC company in Delhi is famed for its dedicated professionals and extensive industry experience. We are committed to delivering high ROI through constant monitoring of the PPC campaign. Businesses from across industries prefer our experienced team to manage PPC campaigns. In addition, we also offer customized services according to the preferences of our clients. Our team after a complete understanding and analysis of your business comes up with the result-driven strategy. They work extremely hard to ensure that you reap maximum profits with our PPC services. 

    Are you using pay-per-click advertising for your online business? If not, you should definitely give it a try. PPC advertising has become indispensable in the digital marketing industry. It is the best time to include it in your marketing plan if you wish to get your business discovered by a large audience onto the first page of search engine results. 

    Want to generate more leads and sales for your business? If you think you are ready to get started, connect with our PPC strategist today! 

    Contact brandhype, the one-stop solution for all your PPC Services in Delhi
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +91 820-9607036
    Establish a Powerful Digital Presence & Take your Business to the Next Level

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    Check out these effective ppc strategies going viral in 2022


    Make your Pay Per Click Ads the best in the market. Use these tips advised by brandhype, (a leading company into paid marketing) to increase your leads and raise your conversions in no time:

    • Make sure to align Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with your PPC campaigns to get more and more leads for your ads. It will also help you in finding the perfect keywords for your advertisement content.
    • Try to hire the top PPC companies in Delhi that will provide you with the best conversion for your Pay-Per-Click ads. Their strategies can contribute a lot in making a website rank higher in search engines. Thus, increasing the reach of the brand to more and more users.
    • Humans were always social creatures, now it has been uplifted to a new level. We are talking about social media platforms here. So, include your PPC ads on various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
    • Make your PPC ads suitable with the go-to searches. Most people use the audio search option, so hire the best search engine marketing company that incorporates this feature in your ad.
    • Use these viral strategies for your PPC ads given by Brandhype Digital Consultants to increase your business with your ads.

      Contact brandhype, the one-stop solution for all your PPC Services in Delhi
      Email: [email protected]
      Phone: +91 820-9607036
      Establish a Powerful Digital Presence & Take your Business to the Next Level

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    FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is PPC?

    Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a common advertising model of internet marketing. Advertisers place ads on search engines and have to pay a fee to have their website listed on the search engine result page. The advertisers pay only when any user clicks on the ad.

    What are the popular social media advertising platforms for PPC?

    Some of the popular platforms for social media PPC campaigns are:

    • Facebook
    • Youtube
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    What are the types of PPC?

    What process is followed to create effective PPC campaigns?

    These steps can help you develop an advanced PPC campaign strategy:

    • Define your goals
    • Target your audience
    • Product and keyword research
    • Optimize your landing pages
    • Create ads
    • Create relevant ad copies
    • Create bid strategy
    • Check and analyze the performance
    What makes Brandhype the best PPC company in Delhi?

    With a rich market experience, our expertise in handling and optimization of PPC projects has made us the leading PPC agency in Delhi. Brandhype is an action-driven PPC advertising agency that offers responsive landing page design services in order to get your business discovered by a large audience. In addition, we also provide our clients with analytical tools to customize their preferences and increase the range of target audiences for the specified PPC ads.

    Our team of specialized PPC experts has control over the projects that are assigned by the clients and our commitment to offer more is the reason why we have emerged as the leading PPC agency in Delhi. The team works hard to ensure that you as a business always excel and make maximum profits from our PPC services!

    Why should businesses choose PPC?

    In recent years, the importance of using PPC advertising as a part of your digital marketing plan has become paramount. It is best to include it in your marketing plan if you wish to generate higher leads and get your business discovered by a large audience by ranking on the top of search engine results. There are multiple benefits of using PPC marketing for your businesses. With our PPC services, you will get the following benefits for your business:

    • Reach your target audience easily
    • Fast and measurable results
    • Flexible budget
    • Get more business opportunities
    • Brand recognition

    PPC can definitely bring in qualified leads for your business. Moreover, in this tech dominating world where over 85% of people are using smartphones, if your business is not online then it means you are losing on a lot of your potential customers. Thus, going with PPC advertising is an ideal choice if you do not want to lose your customers.
    Get in touch with us for all PPC related services in Delhi!

    What do Brandhype’s PPC advertising services include?

    As the best PPC company in Delhi, Brandhype offers the following PPC advertising services:

    1. Search advertising

    PPC strategist at Brandhype will help you quickly build brand awareness by placing your ads on the top of various search engine results. Our job as the best PPC agency in Delhi is to generate relevant leads and increase the sales for your business through well thought paid search network advertising. 

    2. Display advertising

    We create powerful and customer focused advertising with images, texts etc to enhance your digital presence. 

    3. Remarketing services

    At Brandhype, through our robust remarketing strategies we target those customers who have already visited your website or gone through your social media pages. 

    4. Product listing advertisement 

    With our customized product listing ads, we help brands to bring awareness about their products or services amongst the target customers. 

    5. Mobile advertising 

    Mobile ads are a perfect way to reach and interact with your target audience directly. 

    Connect with us today to get more traffic, leads and sales with our PPC services!

    How can a PPC company in Delhi help you with PPC campaigns?

    An extremely important step after creating PPC campaigns is managing them in an effective manner. A good search engine marketing company in Delhi such as Brandhype will tell you that regular account activity is one of the best predictors of account success. They will help you in analyzing your account and its performance by making certain adjustments to optimize your campaigns. They are:

    • Add negative keywords: The team of experts will add non converting terms that are also known as Negative Keywords to improve the relevancy of your campaign and reduce any kind of wasted spend.
    • Add PPC keywords: A good PPC campaign is incomplete if its campaign does not have a good reach. Through the help of a PPC company in Delhi, such as Brandhype, you can do so by simply adding the keywords that are most relevant to your business.
    • Split Ad Groups: You can give the CTR (click-through rate) a boost and also get a quality score by splitting up the ad groups that you have into more relevant and smaller ad groups. This in turn will help you in creating more targeted landing and ad text pages.
    • Refine Landing Pages: Last but not the least, another essential step in this process is modifying the call to action (CTA) and the content of your landing pages so that it aligns with the individual search queries that help in boosting the conversion rates.
    How does PPC advertising work?

    For ads to appear along with the results on a search engine (it is most commonly called Search Engine Results Page or SERP), advertisers cannot just pay more to make sure that their ads appear in a more prominent manner as compared to their competitors ads. This is why you need the best PPC agency in Delhi, like Brandhype, that will tell you that ads are subject to an Ad Auction. This is an entirely automated process that is used by Google and other prominent search engines to determine the validity and relevance of the advertisements that appear on their SERP.

    Is it worth investing in PPC marketing?

    By investing in PPC campaigns, you will get a position to appear on the top of the sponsored listings of the search engine results page. The main benefit of PPC campaigns is that it is designed in a way that will charge you per click i.e., you will pay only for people who are interested in your services. This also allows you to easily measure PPC performance. Thus, pay per click (PPC) ads are usually worth it because the visit generated through them brings in more opportunities for your business.

    However, getting desired results from pay per click advertising requires experience and training. So, hiring the best PPC agency in Delhi such as Brandhype can help you get the most value from your PPC campaign.

    Is PPC advertising expensive?

    PPC may seem too expensive but in reality, it is not. We are saying this because of the experience we have had with many of our clients who initially come to us.

    PPC advertising is an investment. However, if you are managing your ads poorly and your ROI is zero, then you may find PPC to be too expensive. After all, anything in your digital marketing strategy that is not generating positive results for your business is costly. However, when you are working with the best PPC company in Delhi such as Brandhype to professionally manage things, you can make the most out of your PPC ad spend. At Brandhype, we focus to enhance your brand value and ensure a strong online presence. Our specialized team tailors the best PPC services with the goal that you keep on staying relevant in the immensely competitive online market.

    Does PPC advertising impact SEO initiatives?

    PPC campaigns, if launched strategically, can help you get millions of impressions over a short period of time. However, PPC doesn’t directly impact SEO. For the best results, it is recommended to use a combination of PPC and SEO initiatives.

    Why should you hire a PPC management expert?

    PPC advertising has the potential to deliver targeted traffic towards your website, however, to leverage the benefits, hiring the best PPC company in Delhi like Brandhype is an ideal choice. Our PPC experts have the expertise to help brands increase targeted traffic to their websites, which inturn can lead to higher conversion rates. Moreover, a professional is always on top of the latest trends that help them formulate the ideal PPC campaign.

    Thus, it only makes for a wise decision to let professional PPC experts handle your campaigns to help your brand earn a good ROI and visibility.

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