Internet Marketing Myths Debunked
Date: Jan 05, 2015

Internet marketing is an upcoming concept which is rapidly becoming the key element of e-commerce business. With each passing day internet marketing decides the fate of the players in the market. Those who play by the rule is rewarded with the higher pitch in today’s competitive market landscape and who fails to comply with the ever-growing speed of the business operations is deemed as an outcast.

But isn’t internet marketing already on our radar? It’s been here for a while and is going to stay around for a long time. Today, even the cry of an infant is monitored on a handset. People cannot go to the washrooms without their phones. Out of internet, coverage area is easily classified as virtual death. Individuals are glued to it even when they can’t blink their eyes.

So all in all we have glorified internet marketing to a great extent, but what about the myths surrounding the holy grail of e-commerce. We definitely need to master this field to reach a desired place. So what is it that makes this formula tick? How we can avoid the most common loopholes and not only survive but thrive. Here’s a look.

Myth #1: Website is Not a Necessity.

Reality: My Web Mirror, a Website.
‘What is it that I need to make myself visible to the world’, you ask? Simple, the answer is only a click away. Get a website online, and create a stunning portfolio of your product and services. The website will be your voice which will be uniquely yours. It will acquaint your users regarding the USP and services that are on offer.

Myth #2: Only the Website is Enough.

Reality: Social Media is a Teen-world, Go Out and Socialize.
‘Buzz’ and the buzzer say you’re wrong. With the increase in the online networking, and growing pool of business each day, the landscape of reaching your market has now reached the farthest realms of this digital age. So log in to your account now, and make some connections. You need to know people and they need to know you. You have to be more than a pretty face or a good name. And what can be a better place than social media for the same purpose.

Myth #3: Internet Marketing is a Waste with Low Traffic.

Reality: You need traffic but you need conversions more.
Always Remember, ‘Traffic creates traffic’. So even if your market is low, remember that you are in a web-based model. So the nature and behaviour of your current consumers will reflect your future market too. Satisfied consumers can easily duplicate your sales overnight, whereas unsatisfied consumers can eat up your domain value overnight too. Sometimes the service/product deals with a niche market and therefore cannot expect a huge traffic. You should focus more intensively on conversions. A happy customer is contagious and can increase the traffic manifolds.

Myth #4: Consumers Just Use the Internet to Shop for the Best Deal.

Reality: Consumers can be loyal, if you are worth it.
Then why do we have the app of only selected e-commerce giants on our phones? Because, we expect it to be like this. Consumers may want a better value while operating online, but that’s simply the nature of the market behaviour in general. Underlying this thin layer of rationalism is a deep pool of loyalty, that is hard to reach, but helps in multiples if properly targeted. The consumer needs to be attracted, retained and pampered. Internet marketing has to be used wisely against the competitors to be the chosen one.

Myths #5: Internet marketing hikes my bills.

Reality: A wise man will call it an investment.
Okay, now look at what it has given us. Benefits v/s Cost model gives the best optimal output when done across the e-platform. We save on rent, furniture and various other miscellaneous expenditures because our entire business can be run by a laptop. Each and every internet marketing activity is encoded in history. They will pay you in a long run. Internet marketing can be expensive or can be cheap. It is a weapon and depends on the player. A large part of it also depends on how we utilize the assets that we have, and it is the best alternative that the internet gives us.

But then again, it is not “one size fits all” guide. A lot depends on your requirements and the solutions to those will have to customize. These myths are busted so probably now internet marketing will be more useful to you. Do not believe the hype or any internet marketing company who is giving away false promises and go with what you think will be best for your business.


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