TSMS Gurgaon
TSMS Gurgaon

Project Overview

The Shriram Millennium School (TSMS) Gurgaon is a prestigious educational institution located in Gurgaon, Haryana. TSMS Gurgaon provides a conducive learning environment for students from preschool to high school.


Despite offering quality education and a known brand name in education sector, TSMS Gurgaon faced challenges in attracting prospective students in Gurgaon due to limited online visibility. The school’s website did not have a user friendly interface and was not optimized for search engines, resulting in low organic traffic and poor rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), Local Maps.

A Comprehensive Approach

We adopted a comprehensive approach, offering the following services.

Services offered:

  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Google My Business
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Website Maintenance

PPC (Google Ads)


  • Quality of Leads received was not Good
  • Many leads received were from far off areas.


  • Improve online visibility and Ad rank on search engines.
  • Generate quality leads and inquiries from parents interested in enrolling their children at TSMS Gurgaon.
  • Increasing number of admissions.

Strategy – Our Approach to Address the Challenge:

  • Keywords Research.
  • Landing page design as per market, competitors analysis and a modern mobile-responsive design, making it accessible across all devices.
  • Keywords implementation in landing page to increase the quality score.
  • We worked on Ads headlines, description and assets to increase the CTR, Impression share, Ads rank and to decrease the CPC.
  • We implemented the tracking codes to the landing page to track the activities of every visitor to optimize our campaign in a better way.
  • We set up remarketing campaigns to our existing visitors.
  • Competitors Campaigns
  • We worked on the radius targeting and particular areas where the potential parents were searching for the best CBSE school in Gurgaon.


The School currently is receiving more than 100 new enquiries every month with a very small Spend of appx Rs 50000/- The cost per lead / enquiry being
impressively low at about Rs 500/- per enquiry for relevant Leads.

Search engine optimization (SEO)


  • Unoptimized for search engines
  • Low organic traffic
  • Poor rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) and Local Maps


  • Improve online visibility and search engine rankings for TSMS Gurgaon’s website.
  • Increase organic traffic to the website.
  • Generate leads and inquiries from parents interested in enrolling their children at TSMS Gurgaon.
  • Establish TSMS Gurgaon as a prominent educational institution in the region.

Strategy – How We Tackled the Challenge:

To address TSMS Gurgaon’s challenges and achieve its objectives, an SEO strategy from Brandhype was devised and implemented:

Website Revamp:

  • We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing website to identify areas for improvement and we identified that the user interface was not interactive and informative.
  • Collaborating with the client’s team, we redesigned the website with a focus on enhancing user experience (UX) and improving navigation.
  • The revamped website featured a modern, mobile-responsive design, making it accessible across all devices.

Website Optimization:

The school’s website underwent comprehensive optimization to ensure it adhered to SEO best practices. This included optimizing meta tags, improving site structure and navigation, enhancing page load speed, and implementing mobile responsiveness.

Keyword Research:

Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify relevant search terms and phrases used by parents seeking educational institutions in Gurgaon. Keywords with high search volume and low competition were targeted to improve the website’s visibility on SERPs.

Content Creation and Optimization:

Engaging and informative content was created for the website’s pages, including landing pages for different academic levels, extracurricular activities, faculty profiles, and admission information. Each piece of content was optimized with targeted keywords to improve its visibility and relevance.

Local SEO:

A local SEO strategy was implemented to ensure TSMS Gurgaon appeared prominently in local search results. This involved optimizing Google My Business
listing, creating local citations, and encouraging positive reviews from satisfied parents.

Link Building:

High-quality backlinks from reputable educational websites and local directories were acquired to enhance TSMS Gurgaon’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Technical SEO:

Technical aspects of the website, such as schema markup implementation, XML sitemap optimization, and resolving crawl errors, were addressed to improve the
site’s overall SEO performance.


Tools Used:

Brandhype deploys Best in Class Tools to help its clients generate ROI for their Businesses, our team deployed following tools:

  • WordPress to power the website
  • Google Search Console to track SEO and Content efforts
  • Keyword Planner & SEMRush for Keyword research
  • Google Analytics to track the traffic growth and conversions


The implementation of the SEO strategy yielded significant improvements for TSMS Gurgaon:

Increased Organic Traffic:

Organic traffic to the website witnessed a substantial increase, with a surge in visitors actively searching for educational opportunities in Gurgaon.

Higher Search Engine Rankings: TSMS Gurgaon’s website achieved higher rankings on SERPs for targeted keywords, leading to greater visibility and exposure among the target audience.

Out of 21 keywords, 9 keywords are ranking on the 1st page of Google.

Keywords Current Rank Initial Rank
Top 10 cbse schools in gurgaon 4 NA
List of cbse schools in gurgaon 10 NA
Top schools in gurgaon 2023 6 NA
Top 10 schools in gurgaon 2023 9 NA
Best schools in gurgaon with fee structure 4 62
Cbse schools in gurugram 6 31
Top cbse schools in gurugram 6 28
Gurgaon top schools 9 26
Best cbse schools in gurugram 5 24

Lead Generation:

The optimized website effectively generated leads and inquiries from parents interested in enrolling their children at TSMS Gurgaon, resulting in a boost in admissions.

Enhanced Online Presence:

TSMS Gurgaon established itself as a prominent educational institution in the region, with improved brand visibility and recognition among parents and students.

Top 3 in Local Maps:

TSMS Gurgaon is ranking in the top 3 positions on the local maps for most of the keywords.


By partnering with a knowledgeable Digital Marketing Agency and by implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy, TSMS Gurgaon successfully improved its online visibility, increased organic traffic, and generated quality leads, ultimately driving enrollment growth and solidifying its position as a leading
educational institution in Gurgaon. The sustained focus on SEO continues to yield positive results, helping TSMS Gurgaon thrive in a competitive educational

  • Our Average keyword ranking: 9 keywords are ranking on 1st pag
  • No. of Calls (GMB): 325+ monthly
  • Average Traffic: 3K+ monthly

Social Media

  • Meta ads (profile visit)
  • Post Boosting

Work Performed:

Our digital marketing services for Meta profile visits and social media post boosting have yielded remarkable branding results. By strategically optimizing
Meta profiles and boosting social media posts, we’ve significantly enhanced our clients’ online visibility and brand recognition. We make sure that every campaign is carefully designed to attract the perfect audience, encouraging interaction and building customer loyalty. Through targeted efforts and data-driven strategies, we’ve helped our clients establish a strong online presence and stand out in their respective industries.


In summary, our digital marketing endeavors have yielded impressive outcomes. They have a regular stream of new admissions in their School. As a resultant the School management decided to hand over their other two Schools digital marketing ( Noida and Faridabad ) also to Brandhype. Today we are their only digital marketing partner for any and every services related to online presence.

Our Happy Clients

Our website has never looked better thanks to the web design services provided by Brandhype. They have a great eye for detail and design.

Shaifali Nagar

I was very pleased with the results of Brandhype's PPC campaigns. Their team was able to target the right audience and generate high-quality leads for my business. I am happy to have hired them.

Nikhilesh Jain

Brandhype is my go to option for good services. The aim of my company was taken care of.and i can say with conviction that no body can serve better than them. Thankyou Brandhype

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I highly recommend Brandhype for their SEO services. They helped improve our search engine rankings and increased our online visibility.

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Digital services are crucial for most businesses, and I even needed the same. Brandhype helped me manifold and made the job easier for me.

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Considering my experience with the Team Brandhype, it was very very very good because they are very much understanding and friendly. The kind of work they did for me was fantastic. They are very professional and I would highly recommend them without any doubt.

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When I opened up my company, I did not know how to make it to the top. Brandhype professionals sat with me, helped me understand what I needed, and helped me achieve the same in due course!

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