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Arvind Malick

Arvind Malick


A professionally qualified digital marketing professional, with over 22 years of experience in formulating and implementing business strategies in the global arena .  A master of  global soft skills and impeccable analytical ability.

Mukesh Chandra

Mukesh Chandra

Technical Director

Mukesh Chandra is a Post graduate in Computer Science having more than 10 years of experience covering various facets of IT Industry.  He manages highly skilled engineers & is responsible for timely delivery of projects.

Shubham Sethi

Digital Marketing Strategist

Meet Shubham, like to be called as Vasu, is working as Digital Marketing Strategist . He devises and implements both strategic and tactical Digital Marketing Plans, manage Social Marketing Strategies, helping companies to strategically market their brand on all relevant networking platforms and generate leads accordingly. As a jumping feet first into his career shows, he relishes every new challenge life brings his way.


UX Designer

Deeksha, the creative talent reservoir of the company. 
A Graphic Designer with experience of around 6 years is born with creative mind.
With an ultimate passion for design and development, branding and advertising, Social and Digital Media by focusing on designing simple, clean and attractive design.

Sarika Yadav

Digital Marketing Expert

Sarika is well-versed with the latest search engine optimization related technologies and tools with a strong foundation in website analytics and web stats. She strives to deliver high-quality SEO services to clients.

She has an MBA in Information Technology from Punjab Technical University.She has gathered years of demonstrated experience as an SEO Specialist and has worked collaboratively with several advertising agency and currently working with Brandhype-digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon.

Chhavi Chawla


Chhavi – A top-notch individual, she is proficient in writing content for multiple requirements including blogs, articles, brochures and social media. An MBA in marketing & finance, she has an experience of 7years. Her expertise lies in content writing for various domains like fashion, travel, lifestyle, health, Bollywood etc. A Music buff who believes that learning should never stop, she is also pursuing Certification course in Digital marketing from Digital Vidya.

Mirdalini Sharma

Digital Marketing Expert

Mirdalini brings to Brandhype her signature curiosity and an unquenchable thirst for the trends
and truths that move people around the globe at the very deepest levels. With a career
spanning over 5 years in website analytics, creative and strategic SEO and Social Media
Optimization. Mirdalini is a firm believer that brands need to rediscover themselves by
connecting with people on a more personal level.

Vishal Chaudhary


Vishal — A B.Tech Graduate with more than 2 years of experience in Paid media, Specialises in planning and execution of online marketing campaigns.

He helps clients to strategically market their product on all relevant networking platforms and generates leads accordingly.

Rohit Jha

Social Media Marketing & Brand Strategist

Meet Rohit, a Ramjas boy who has an affinity for all things digital and is constantly dreaming up how to get more consumers down the digital funnel. In the time he has been among us, Rohit has proven himself to be the quintessential team player, as well as a non-stop party animal. He is passionate about everything he does and offers our clients an unstoppable work ethic that makes things happen. Rohit presents an extensive background in Social Media Marketing, strategic partnering, opinion leadership and cause marketing. He believes that anything can be promoted through a creative mind and punctual timings.

Divya Kohli

Social Media Executive

Divya is our in-house expert on all things social and all things media. After graduating Mass Communication she completed her MBA in marketing, and got right to work. She’s one smart cookie, specializing in social media strategies and online PR, she has a diverse background in online media planning and buying through all the categories. As a jumping feet first into her career shows, she relishes every new challenge life brings her way.

Gulsheen Kaur

Content Writer

Gulsheen earned a degree in Mass Communication from IP University and got her start as a copywriter working with startups and nonprofits. She believes that meaningful interactions hinge on the right words said in the right way. Her role at Brandhype is to foster a connection between brand and audience. A top-notch individual, she is proficient in writing content for multiple requirements including blogs, articles, books, brochures and social media. She embraces the practical knowledge of WordPress and Social Media Marketing to groom her skills. It isn’t just copy for her, its creative storytelling.

Abhishek Jain

Digital Marketing Expert

Abhishek Jain is a motivated post graduated Digital Marketing specialist having experience up to 7 years. Currently he is working as a Digital marketing Executive with Brandhype and enjoying spreading the knowledge of search engine and how to bring the website at the top or first page in the Google.

Ashita Chinda

Assistant Manager Digital Marketing

Ashita is working as Digital marketing expert, she thoroughly engages with the client’s corporate communication, IT and marketing team to understand business goals and market strategy. Based on her research knowledge and competitive mapping of each industry Ashita devises social media, web advertising and Search strategies to stand out in the digital landscape.

Madan Pal

Assistant Manager Digital Marketing

Madan is a Digital Marketing Strategist specialise in planning and execution of online marketing campaigns helping companies to strategically market their brand on all relevant networking platforms and generate leads accordingly. He is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional from the reputed institute Digital Vidya and an MBA in Marketing from JIMS.

Arun Kaushik

Search Engine Marketing Expert

Arun Kaushik is a SEM expert and presently handling marketing team being Team Lead in our organization. Backed up with years of experience, Arun Kaushik is absolutely passionate about Marketing with consistent quality he carries it forward in the best possible manner. His understanding & professional approach towards team members and handling projects makes him easy to work.

Rajat Kumar

User Interface Designer

Quiet and unassuming at first sight, but packs a punch in the talent department, Rajat is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. With three years of experience in coding Websites and applications using modern HTML, CSS and JavaScript, he is an excellent addition to Brandhype. His continued education and building state-of-the-art brings a lot of energy and great ideas to the team.

Sudhir Thakur

User Interface Designer

Sudhir Thakur is a talented designer and great to work with. Not only is he an amazing designer, but he has ingenious web skills with an eye for detail. Sudhir Thakur is very innovative and always looking for new solutions and fresh ideas that can advance his knowledge to exceed his client’s expectations and goals. Sudhir Thakur is a fun person to work with, and is always helpful and insightful. He is a passionate designer and always seems to have great awareness of new creative strategies and technology, which makes him a great asset to any company.

Navjot Singh

Graphic Designer

Refreshingly unconventional, Navjot brings his color-outside-the-lines approach to every graphic he creates for our clients. His striking logos, eye-popping collateral and imaginative creative and websites continue to make our clients look good. Whether it’s a full 360° campaign or a one-off execution, he’s always looking for that authentic connection that bonds buyer to brand.

Dhawaj Sikhar

Sales & Marketing Manager

Dhawaj packs a fireball of energy & intellect when it comes to servicing our clients. Dhawaj, with an MBA in marketing from NIILM & an ongoing training in digital marketing from DSIM currently holds an experience of 5 years in Marketing with various leading online marketing firms within the country.

Karandeep Bhatia

Graphic Designer

As a designer, Karandeep brings the best of the best raw creative talent with the tireless desire to see you and your business succeed. He takes each project with a fresh perspective, offering visual clarity and direction to your concepts. He is focused, driven and passionate about all he does. He’s been in advertising, promotions, public relations, and video production, but always a visual communicator. He thrives on bringing brilliant, multi-disciplinary and insightful ideas to life for our clients and enables an air of enthusiasm and togetherness, helping us to deliver key creative solutions.

Digital Marketing Manager

Priyanka Yadav

Asst. Manager (Strategy)

Having expertise in Digital marketing world, she has outperformed in some of her past assignment and helped creating big brand in today’s market. Her core responsibility is to create Strategic marketing campaign development and execution.

Bhupender Yadav

Sr. Software Engineer

Bhupender is our Sr. Programmer with five years of experience in software development. He has created a wide range of websites using PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. Bhupender holds a B-Tech degree from a reputed university.

HR Manager

Shalini Pathak

HR Manager

Shalini maintains and enhances the organization’s human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices. She has strong intellectual skills and carry short but vast exposure in Human Resource Development.

Priyanka Mishra

Digital Marketing Executive

Priyanka is working as Digital Marketing Executive . She devises and implements both strategic and tactical digital marketing plans, manage social marketing strategies. develop SEO strategies,  implement and monitor. She  always Keep up-to-date with constantly changing technological and search engine trends, algorithms and ranking factors.

creative Designer

Rishi Ramesh

Senior Graphic Designer

A real designing & conceptualizing genius. While other children were playing outside he’s been creating layouts upon layouts! Rishi is the key designer for all existing and new projects with brandhype.in

Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta

Digital Marketing Manager

A hardcore Digital Marketing professional with an obsession to discover new strategies and techniques for Digital Marketing. An MBA in Marketing bundled with technical knowledge allows him to create successfull Marketing Campaigns. Call him anytime trouble comes your way.

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